You’re engaged! Congratulations. This is an exciting time of life that deserves celebration. You have friends and family to share the news with, parties to attend, dress shopping to begin, and an unending series of gleeful moments with your partner.

Wedding planning is important, of course. And the sooner you begin, the better. There is so much to do, from setting your budget to booking your wedding venue to perfecting your guest list. Read You’re Engaged, Now What? for tips and important first steps when you are ready to start planning your wedding.

But don’t forget, you should be having fun too! Your engagement is a special time. Wedding planning can be stressful at times so be sure to schedule in some fun things to do with and without your partner as you get closer to walking down the aisle. It will make this time of life memorable and special, as it should be!

get away for a wedding-free weekend

Take a break and get away from it all, just the two of you. A peaceful, romantic resort for a weekend away is just what you need to destress and enjoy one another.

schedule regular facials

It’s a great idea to start your skincare early with professional spa services. It’s also a wonderful way to relax and practice self-care! Add in a massage or pedicure for an extra level of relaxation.

play games together

Game night is a great way to have fun and let go of all of your to-dos. Invite a few other couples over, mix some cocktails, and pull out your favorite board games.

take engagement photos

Years down the road, you’ll enjoy looking back at the love and excitement you shared during your engagement. Using a professional photographer to capture this special moment is well worth the investment. Read up on the best places to take wedding photos—these locations are perfect for engagement photos too!

block some “days off of wedding planning”

Take a look at your calendar and make a commitment to scheduling some no-wedding-talk time. It’s easy to get consumed by all of the choices and decisions, but it’s important to take some time off too.

learn to cook together

You’ll be doing a lot of cooking together during marriage, so make it fun and take a cooking class together! Invite a few friends or couples to join you. You could turn it into a fun competition (think Guac-Off with prizes for the best guacamole!).

schedule regular girls’ nights

When you get engaged, no one will be more excited and happy for you than your gal pals. (Well, maybe your parents too!) Show them how important they are to you and that that won’t change after you say “I do.” Keep up those regular girls’ night out dates. It’s good for you and them too!

take a class together or start a new hobby

One of the keys to a happy marriage is having activities that you both enjoy. Now is a good time to revisit those hobbies you share, or start a new one. Golf is a wonderful way to escape and connect. Play a few rounds, or sign up for classes with Oregon’s #1 golf teacher to perfect your swing! It’s a hobby you’ll take through your life and can enjoy together for many years.

go on double-dates

Going out with other couples is fun and can be very therapeutic when you get stressed from too much wedding planning. If they are engaged or newly married themselves, you can really relate to one another and get support while having fun. Grab dinner and drinks, catch a movie, or hit the golf course together!

take your mom to brunch (often!)

Your mom is likely your main support system, before, during and after your engagement. Let her know you appreciate her! Spend quality time together whenever you can. Regular, leisurely brunches are a wonderful way to connect, laugh and enjoy each other. Turn it into a Brunch-cation with an overnight stay at our beautiful resort followed by Sunday Champagne Brunch.

Are you engaged and starting to plan a wedding? Contact us today to learn about the possibilities at Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Oregon!