enhancements & waxing


Neck and Décolleté 40
Infuse the most delicate area of the body with plant cell technology. A gentle cleanse and exfoliation of the décolleté followed by a specialized stem cell neck mask and fabulous neck lift.

Chemical Peel 40
Choose between a Glycolic/Salicylic blend or an Enzyme peel to brighten and illuminate your skin.

Soothing Arnica Muscle Relief Massage 30
Perfect after a day of traveling, golfing or hiking. Add this cooling foot treatment to any facial or full body massage. Your feet will feel the cooling and invigorating sensation for hours.

Hair and Scalp Hydration 25
Give your scalp and ends the nourishing treatment it deserves. Feel this warm hair mask seep into your scalp as it is massaged in. This invigorating hair treatment will leave your hair feeling silky smooth.

Brown Sugar & Honey Lip Plumping Treatment 20
Experience a lip plumping exfoliation like never before! Our Cinnamon Brown Sugar & Honey Lip Plumping Treatment gently sloughs away dead skin cells and brings forth circulation, which in turn promotes the fullness of your natural lips. Perfect for any reason or season!

Personalized Hot Paraffin
Hand Mitts and Foot Booties
Stimulate blood flow and circulation throughout your tired hands and feet. This treatment fights high desert dryness and restores hydration.
Hands 20 ~ Feet 25 ~ Duo 40


Men’s Brow Clean-Up 20

Brow Design 25

Lip 20

Chin 25

Cheeks 30    

Sideburns 20

Nostrils 25

Ears 25

Underarm 35

Arm (Half/ Full) 45/55

Leg (Half/ Full) 65/75

Fingers 30

Toes 25

Navel 30

Chest 50

Back (Half/ Full) 60/70

Bikini 50

Brazilian 75+