Nordic Restore
A perfect option for anyone in need of self care and relaxation. This massage incorporates Swedish techniques including the perfect, soothing pressure to target tired, stiff and fatigued muscles. Experience flowing strokes provided by your therapist to induce relaxation, promote healthy blood flow to muscles and organs like the ever important brain and heart.
50/80 minutes 

Desert Deep Tissue
The perfect remedy after a golf round, hiking, biking, finishing a marathon or any day-to-day activities that leave you needing a deep restoration and a reset for sore and aching muscles. A massage technique that focuses on the deep layers of muscle tissue. Using slow strokes and deep pressure, tension is released throughout the entire body. This massage will leave you deeply relaxed and recharged.
50/80 minutes

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
From the Primal Sea, where all life originated, Himalayan salt replenishes your skin and body with 84 naturally occurring minerals. This full-body massage combines warm salt stones and soothing Swedish massage techniques to help melt away tension and restore overall wellness.
50/80 minutes

Holistic Aromatherapy Massage

Treat your senses to essential oils customized to your session, whether you desire a mood booster, relief from anxiety, sleep improvement, or reduction in pain, your
therapist will craft a blend of oils to diffuse in your treatment room. Our pure essential oils paired with soothing massage techniques to restore your body from the outside in work to deliver profound therapeutic properties leaving you relaxed and calm.
50/80 minutes

Mother-to-be Prenatal Massage
Help soothe and calm your senses while your therapist’s healing hands nourish and rebalance your body during this time of magical transformation. Using our elegant body butter, we work with your body to inspire relaxation, increase circulation and reduce pain and swelling for the giver of life, mother-to-be.
50 minutes 

Spruce Up
Are you in need of a little focused bodywork? Do you have a particular area bothering you? When you receive our Spruce Up your therapist will spend your session working on any specific area especially in need of attention. Loosen, rejuvenate, and those hard working muscles to be ready for your next adventure!
35 minutes

Add CBD Muscle Relief to any Massage