it’s no secret: in bend, craft beer flows like water.

Bend is an established, and growing, beer mecca where visitors plan their entire vacation around beer tastings and brewery tours. And with good reason. Bend boasts 22 breweries, plus many beer bars and beer tours serving up some exciting and hard-to-find brews. And the hoppyness doesn’t end there. You’ll also find immersive beer events like Bend Beer Fest, The Little Woody, Cruxapalooza, Zwicklemania, Sisters Fresh Hop Festival and many more.

Bend is hopping with tasty brews on (almost) every corner!

With so many amazing breweries to choose from, including the granddaddy of them all Deschutes Brewery, it can be difficult to plan your tasting itinerary, especially if you are limited on time or busy with all of the other incredible adventures Central Oregon has to offer. 

We put together this Bend Beer Guide to help you navigate some of the not-to-be-missed breweries in Bend’s bubbling beer scene. All are within a 25-minute drive of Pronghorn Resort and accessible through our resort shuttle service.

best bend breweries:

Crux Fermentation Project

The unassuming nature of this off-the-beaten-path brewery is part of its magic. Follow the road less traveled and be rewarded with 20+ original craft beers on tap and a panoramic view of the Cascade Mountains. But don’t misunderstand us, despite it’s tucked-away location, Crux is within walking distance to some of Bend’s most exciting areas including the Box Factory and the Old Mill District. This brewery gets major bonus points for the grassy lawn with corn hole, fire pits, and plenty of space to spread out on a picnic blanket. 

Drink this: Crux Pilz, A New-Old-World Pilsner (5.2% ABV, 35 IBU)

This is not your father’s pilsner. It’s more like the pilsner that belonged to his stern father, the one with all the rules but who gave you treats whenever your parents weren’t looking. Brewed with traditional Pilsner malts, imported Czech Saaz and local Oregon Sterling hops, this pilsner’s first sip shows up with clean lager flavors, and then opens up with surprising complexity and softness—developing biscuity flavors, spicy herbal notes and a hint of lemon.

Find it: 50 SW Division Street, Bend

Bend Brewing Company

For an iconic downtown Bend beer experience, Bend Brewing Company is the best choice. Located on the banks of Mirror Pond, you’ll enjoy beautiful water views and a large lawn that is one of the best places to spend a summer evening. Established in 1995, Bend Brewing Company is the second oldest brew pub in Bend. Their rich history of award-winning beers is impressive, and everything about this brewery is classic Bend. Whether its corn hole on the lawn or the big college game on tvs throughout the pub, you’ll enjoy the laid-back vibe and friendly service not to mention delicious beer-pairing plates of food.

Drink this: Ching Ching (4.5% ABV)

If you’re lucky enough to be in Bend when this sour ale is available, be sure to grab one. It’s delicious! Ching Ching starts with a base of German pilsner and wheat malt and is kettle soured using BBC’s house Lactobacillus culture. Organic Hibiscus flowers are added in the whirlpool staining the beer a striking pink hue and contributing floral aromatics before a final addition of pomegranate in the fermenter. Wonderfully tart and effervescent, Ching Ching goes equally well with a day at the beach or a 5 course meal. Ching Ching Sour Ale has garnered numerous awards over the years at GABF and World Beer Cup and is recognized as one of the pioneering beers to utilize the kettle souring technique and help define American Sour Ales.

Find it: 1019 NW Brooks Street, Bend

Boneyard Beer

This is a no-nonsense brewpub featuring craft beers, a menu of Asian- Latin American fusion and outdoor seating. For many years Boneyard Beer had a cult following to its small brewery operation, and for good reason. This brewery has been putting out some of Bend’s best brews for quite some time and now, there’s a brew pub to backup all that beer goodness. 

Drink this: Boneyard Beer RPM IPA (6.5% ABV/50 IBU)

Brewed using six different Northwest varieties of hops at over 2-1/2 pounds per barrel, RPM IPA focuses on extreme hoppiness rather than bitterness. It’s golden to copper in color with a complex malt profile that will not overshadow the hops. This is Boneyard’s flagship beer and it will satisfy any opinionated hop forward IPA consumer. Pair it with their Boneyard Wings.

Find it: 1955 NE Division Street, Bend

Immersion Brewing 

One of the more unique beer concepts in Bend is Immersion Brewing where you can not only drink great beer, you can make great beer! Step inside this rustic, industrial pub and brewery in the popular Box Factory for a truly immersive beer experience. The Brew-It-Yourself (BIY) experience is like nothing else in Central Oregon. Let their experienced brewers walk you through a 2-3 hour brewing experience where you get to brew one of 28 recipes.

Drink this: River Rider (ABV 7%/72 IBU)

The IPA that delivers something for every hophead. Malts that give it a golden color, and a bold hop blend of pine and citrus flavors. A classic well-balanced and hop forward IPA. Drink a pint before heading to the whitewater park, just a short walk from the brewery. You’ll be in a river rider mood for watching surfers and kayakers catch the popular and entertaining river wave.

And then make this! Bend Black Ale has a mild sweet malt character that is balanced by a small addition of juniper berries. Central Oregon is famous for its large juniper forest and juniper berries are a great addition to the brew. Did you know? Pronghorn Resort is set on 640 acres amidst Central Oregon’s 1,000-year-old juniper forest. 

Find it: 550 SW Industrial Way, Bend in the Box Factory

Worthy Brewing

Worthy Brewing was founded in 2012 by Roger Worthington, and first opened its doors in February 2013. Worthy brews a full portfolio of craft beers and operates two full-time pubs –its original location on the east side of Bend and Taps and Tacos downtown. An advocate for the environment, a promoter of science education, a cycling and music enthusiast, and a serious beer drinker – Worthington’s passions are the backbone of Worthy. This laid-back pub is the most conveniently located to Pronghorn Resort. Make time for a pit stop here on your last leg to the resort.

Drink this: Lights Out Stout (7.7% ABV/30 IBU)

An ode to starry, starry nights. Hints of vanilla, coffee & nutty flavors with a creamy finish. This beer showcases Worthy Garden Club’s Hopservatory, which allows visitors to experience the humbling beauty and diversity of space, while inspiring them to take care of our planet. This hybridized American Stout accentuates the subtle nuances of non-traditional ingredients, such as Bob’s Red Mill Oats and milk sugar, which lend a smooth body with some residual sweetness. The whole Madagascar vanilla beans show mostly in the aroma.

And then stargaze! Because the Hopservatory is out of this world. See what the Central Oregon night sky has to offer. Open house viewing includes a peek through the brewery’s on-site, 16-inch research-grade telescope. You’ll have the opportunity to gaze upon galaxies, planets, star clusters, binary stars, nebulae and of course the Moon—after enjoying a galactic brew! These views include educational information and guidance from the resident astronomer, Grant.

Make Pronghorn Resort your home base for all of your Bend beer adventures! And let us know if you’d like a growler fill or two ready upon arrival. We’ll be happy to fill your refrigerator with your favorite Bend brews.