Explore Pronghorn Resort on wheels. With more ways to ride through the resort than ever before, Pronghorn is not only bike-friendly, but the best bike hotel in Bend, Oregon. Grab one of several styles of bike or electric scooter for a day of meandering and family fun!

Have Fun On Wheels At Pronghorn Resort, the Best Bike Hotel Bend, Oregon.

Cruise the day away.

A cruiser bike is one of the most relaxing ways to travel through Pronghorn Resort, the best bike hotel Bend, Oregon. Take a classic summer cruise from your accommodations to one or all of our resort destinations. The driving range, Clubhouse and Trailhead are all within biking distance. Rent a bike for your entire stay and it will become your main mode of transportation in between patio time and pool time. We have adult and kid size bikes as well as helmets and bike child trailers.

Zoom around on an electric scooter.

Get ready for summer fun on wheels. Electric scooters have arrived at Pronghorn Resort! For a new way to explore the resort, rent an electric scooter for a few hours or the day. The easy-to-control, quiet e-scooters traverse the pavement and trails with smooth control and great cushion from the fat tires. It’s a fun, relaxed way to ride the resort.

Best Bike Hotel In Bend, Oregon

Take to the trails with a mountain bike.

Bend, Oregon has some of the best mountain biking in the country. There are many trails and levels to choose from, so first be sure to pick the right trail for your group. A popular mountain biking destination in Bend, Oregon is the Phil’s Trail Complex. With trails for every level and close proximity to Bend’s best breweries, this is a must when on vacation in Bend, Oregon. Just rent a mountain bike at Pronghorn Resort and we’ll shuttle you to the trailhead. We’ll be ready to transport you to a brewery after your ride.

Best Bike Hotel In Bend, Oregon

Get phat wheels on the golf course.

Also new this season is a fun new way to ride the golf courses. Introducing Phat Golf Scooters at Pronghorn Resort. This electric scooter looks and feels like a motorcycle, but without the complexity. Easily traverse the course and look cool doing it. The Phat Golf Scooter is electric, so it is quieter than the traditional golf cart. It is also lighter than a golf cart, which means less wear and tear on the course. Ride the golf course faster, travel directly to your own ball, and double the adventure of your next golf round.

Combine biking, caving and brunching for the perfect morning adventure on wheels!

For the ultimate adventure on two wheels, join us for a Guided Bike Tour to Cave-Front Brunch! Bend, Oregon is known for its cavernous tubes left behind by Newberry Volcanic lava hundreds of thousands of years ago. Come with us on an exciting journey to our very own lava cave. The best part? You get to enjoy a grab-and-go brunch and cave-front coffee right from the mouth of a world-renowned cave and golf hole.

Ride the Phat Golf Scooters on the Golf Course at Pronghorn

The bike options extend into the fall and winter months as guests choose from our selection of fat bikes. Fat bikes are great for challenging terrain, including slush and snow. Don’t miss our annual Fat Bike Festival! Look for 2019 Fat Bike Festival details coming soon.

Let the wind blow through your hair at beautiful Pronghorn Resort. Our bike and electric scooter options make Pronghorn Resort the best bike hotel in Bend, Oregon. Have more fun on your Bend, Oregon resort vacation.

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