Set the stage for your happily-ever-after with photogenic views at every turn. From first looks and bridal party portraits to those romantic sunset moments, Pronghorn Resort boasts some of the best places to take wedding pictures in Central Oregon. You’ll have pristine mountain views, a magical lava cave, a private island home to a pair of trumpeter swans, a mystical ghost tree forest, and the best sunsets in the region.

The bride and groom are the true stars of each wedding photo. But this Central Oregon landscape comes in a close second!

“Being a wedding photographer in Bend, Oregon, you get pretty excited when one of your brides wants to have her wedding at Pronghorn Resort. Pronghorn has some of the most amazing backdrops around.” -Ely Roberts, Wedding Photographer

our favorite wedding photo locations – curated for pronghorn couples 

We created a list of our favorite wedding photo locations at Pronghorn. Your wedding photographer might be familiar with our iconic setting, but if not, share this catalog with them as you prepare your own list of must-capture moments and people. A few of these curated wedding photo locations are also available as wedding venues. We’ve made note of those below, in case you are still searching for that perfect Oregon wedding venue.

a secret lava cave

Wow your Oregon wedding photographer and your partner with a one-of-a-kind backdrop. Pronghorn’s ancient lava cave is hidden underground, offering complete privacy and the ability to get creative with your wedding photos. Create unforgettable memories with just the two of you, or bring your bridal party for group portraits at the cave. You can be photographed in front of the cave’s entrance, inside the cave, or even above the cave for spectacular views surrounding the lava tube.

Perfect for: Adventurous couples whose love is bigger than life.
Also available as a wedding ceremony and reception venue, as well as a proposal location.

the magical ghost tree forest

New to Pronghorn Resort is our one-of-a-kind Ghost Tree Forest. Throughout the resort’s 640 acres, you’ll find ghost trees. Just beyond the Huntington Lodge, we have created an ode to this special icon of Central Oregon, a meandering forest of ghost trees. This is a special place for sunset photos. Or you may choose to explore the area a little later as the trees are lit from dusk until dawn. Silhouetted kisses, romantic hand-held walks, or even a playful hide-and-seek, this location will be remembered forever.

Perfect for: Creative couples with a love for drama, fun and magic.
Also available as a proposal location.

your own private island

The Event Island, our most desired outdoor wedding venue, is also a beautiful place to be photographed. With stunning, 360-degree panoramic views of the golf course and the Cascade Mountain range and a picturesque bridge entrance, the 7,000 square foot private island offers many possibilities for beautiful wedding portraits. The serenity of the high desert and the island lake will transport you into a world all your own. Be sure to look for another perfect pair while you are there, our resident trumpeter swan couple.

Perfect for: Classic couples with fairytale stories and dreams.
Also available as a wedding ceremony and reception venue, as well as a proposal location.

a romantic bridge

Sit on the romantic stone bridge that crosses to Event Island, or simply take a stroll with your photographer trailing behind to capture the cutest moments. You’ll be transported to another place and time, with gentle water, the sounds of nature, a trumpeter swan couple, and the incredible mountain views we’re known for. Let romance light the way.

Perfect for: Star-crossed lovers that enjoy time together in nature.

mountain views and the best sunsets

Pronghorn is known for incredible mountain views and beautiful sunsets, both of which can be enjoyed from nearly every spot on our property. Your wedding photographer will know the best time to grab you for sunset wedding photos. It’s a golden hour like none other, and one of the best mountain views in Oregon.

Enjoy these special moments with your wedding photographer as you fill your wedding gallery (and memories) with the unmatched beauty of a newly wed couple in paradise.