the fun never ends! here is a list of activities available:

  • Check-in Treat – Receive a special treat at the Huntington Lodge when you check-in between 4-6pm on Fridays for your stay. Let’s get the Pronghorn fun started! 
  • The Spa at Pronghorn – The cozy and comforting scents of cinnamon and vanilla await you at The Spa! Click here for more spa information. Call 541.693.5498 for an appointment to relax and give yourself some self love this winter.
    • Valentine Spa Special – A deal that will melt your heart. Complimentary champagne and enhancement for any package booked for February 12 – 14. View spa menu here.
  • Wheel Rentals – Ride with us! From cruisers to fat tire bikes to ebikes and phat scooters, there is fun for the entire family. Pick your wheels and you are off to explore the trails! Wheel rentals available daily from sunrise to sunset at the Trailhead Activity Center.
  • Activity Kits – All sorts of activity kits are available for your enjoyment! Find ornament decorating kits, painting/coloring kits, craft kits and so much more available for pick up at the front desk of the Huntington Lodge. These have been curated to provide good memories for your entire family!
  • Scavenger Hunt – Pick up a Scavenger Hunt list and a property map at the front desk of the Huntington Lodge and set out to explore for clues and curiosities. Perhaps your family will turn this hunt into a race to the finish line! Breathe in the fresh, mountain air while learning about the high desert. Upon completion, be sure to pick up your treasure at the front desk.

january, 2021

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18jan1:00 amToast in the Ghost Tree Forest

18jan8:30 amMt Bachelor & Beyond Shuttle

18jan2:00 pmFeed the Swans

18jan3:00 pmLava Cave Bike Tour

18jan6:00 pm8:00 pmS'mores & More!

19jan1:00 amToast in the Ghost Tree Forest

19jan8:30 amMt Bachelor & Beyond Shuttle

19jan2:00 pmFeed the Swans

19jan3:00 pmLava Cave Bike Tour

19jan6:00 pm8:00 pmS'mores & More!

20jan1:00 amToast in the Ghost Tree Forest

20jan8:30 amMt Bachelor & Beyond Shuttle

20jan2:00 pmFeed the Swans

20jan3:00 pmLava Cave Bike Tour

20jan6:00 pm8:00 pmS'mores & More!

21jan1:00 amToast in the Ghost Tree Forest

21jan8:30 amMt Bachelor & Beyond Shuttle

21jan2:00 pmFeed the Swans

21jan3:00 pmLava Cave Bike Tour

21jan6:00 pm8:00 pmS'mores & More!

22jan1:00 amToast in the Ghost Tree Forest

22jan8:30 amMt Bachelor & Beyond Shuttle

22jan2:00 pmFeed the Swans

22jan3:00 pmLava Cave Bike Tour

22jan6:00 pm8:00 pmS'mores & More!

23jan1:00 amToast in the Ghost Tree Forest

23jan8:30 amMt Bachelor & Beyond Shuttle

23jan2:00 pmFeed the Swans

23jan3:00 pmLava Cave Bike Tour

23jan5:00 pmFireside Spirits Tasting

23jan6:00 pm8:00 pmS'mores & More!

24jan1:00 amToast in the Ghost Tree Forest

24jan8:30 amMt Bachelor & Beyond Shuttle

24jan2:00 pmFeed the Swans

24jan3:00 pmLava Cave Bike Tour

24jan6:00 pm8:00 pmS'mores & More!

25jan1:00 amToast in the Ghost Tree Forest

25jan8:30 amMt Bachelor & Beyond Shuttle

25jan2:00 pmFeed the Swans

25jan3:00 pmLava Cave Bike Tour

25jan6:00 pm8:00 pmS'mores & More!

26jan1:00 amToast in the Ghost Tree Forest

26jan8:30 amMt Bachelor & Beyond Shuttle

26jan2:00 pmFeed the Swans

26jan3:00 pmLava Cave Bike Tour

26jan6:00 pm8:00 pmS'mores & More!

27jan1:00 amToast in the Ghost Tree Forest

27jan8:30 amMt Bachelor & Beyond Shuttle

27jan2:00 pmFeed the Swans

27jan3:00 pmLava Cave Bike Tour

27jan6:00 pm8:00 pmS'mores & More!

28jan1:00 amToast in the Ghost Tree Forest

28jan8:30 amMt Bachelor & Beyond Shuttle

28jan2:00 pmFeed the Swans

28jan3:00 pmLava Cave Bike Tour

28jan6:00 pm8:00 pmS'mores & More!

29jan1:00 amToast in the Ghost Tree Forest

29jan8:30 amMt Bachelor & Beyond Shuttle

29jan2:00 pmFeed the Swans

29jan3:00 pmLava Cave Bike Tour

29jan6:00 pm8:00 pmS'mores & More!

30jan1:00 amToast in the Ghost Tree Forest

30jan8:30 amMt Bachelor & Beyond Shuttle

30jan2:00 pmFeed the Swans

30jan3:00 pmLava Cave Bike Tour

30jan5:00 pmFireside Spirits Tasting

30jan6:00 pm8:00 pmS'mores & More!

31jan1:00 amToast in the Ghost Tree Forest

31jan8:30 amMt Bachelor & Beyond Shuttle

31jan2:00 pmFeed the Swans

31jan3:00 pmLava Cave Bike Tour

31jan6:00 pm8:00 pmS'mores & More!