august is national wellness month

National Wellness Month was created by Live Love Spa to foster community and connection for spa-lovers. It’s like your favorite Restaurant Week, but for healthy living. We are excited to announce that The Spa at Pronghorn will be celebrating self-care and overall wellness all month long with an inspiring community challenge.

let’s celebrate each other! introducing, the pronghorn wellness tribe.

The Pronghorn Wellness Tribe is a Facebook Group dedicated to our community and all those interested in health and happiness. Moderated by Pronghorn Spa Manager Kristi Russ, the Pronghorn Wellness Tribe is a place to make your wellness pledge, take the month-long challenge, and connect and share with others. Kristi will share daily wellness tips, as well as a few exciting Spa giveaways. Join us and be a part of our journey to wellness!<

what is wellness?

“We believe wellness is a highly personal practice that leads us to be the best version of ourselves and in turn gives us confidence, courage and more love to give others—ultimately impacting the world around us.” – Live Love Spa

attention to wellness and self-care helps manage stress and promotes happiness!

Your version of self-care may be a bubble bath, relaxing aromatherapy, an Instagram-famous face mask, lava cave yoga, avocado cacao pudding, teepee meditation, gemstone facialor hiking South Sister. No matter how incremental or monumental your efforts are, they start with a pledge to make yourself a priority and incorporate healthy habits. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.

Whether you want to start a business, run with your kids or relieve stress, jumpstart that healthy lifestyle with the 31-Day Wellness Challenge for National Wellness Month this August!

Kristi Russ, Pronghorn Spa Manager, is sending you a personal invitation to celebrate National Wellness Month and join the Wellness Challenge:

 “I look forward to welcoming you to the Pronghorn Wellness Tribe! I hope National Wellness Month and this group will be the nudge you need to start focusing on you and enjoying a happier, healthier life! I Choose Wellness. Will you?” xoxo Kristi

5 Ways To Participate in National Wellness Month with The Spa at Pronghorn:
  1. Take the Wellness Pledge on August 1st. Simply take a photo with “I Choose Wellness”, share on social media and caption why wellness is important to you. (#wellnessmonth #wellfie @pronghornresort @wellness_month for a chance to be featured.)
  2. Join the Pronghorn Wellness Tribe for motivation, tips and giveaways!
  3. Invite a few friends to join you. The more, the merrier.
  4. Participate in daily challenge activities. Simple, fun and informative!
  5. Treat yourself to self-care. Book a Spa appointment. You deserve it!

Bonus! Become a member of the Pronghorn Wellness Tribe to learn about and enter our exciting Spa giveaways! Prizes include one of our cozy Spa robes, fantastic Spa credits for services, and more! You have to be a group member to learn more and enter. Join now.

take the wellness challenge and then treat yourself! 

You are taking big steps in improving your self-care and overall wellness. Treat yourself for taking care of yourself! There are many amazing services to choose from in the newly expanded Spa at Pronghorn. Here are a few of our favorite Spa services for August.

3 spa services to enjoy in august:

  1. Exquisite Gemstone Facial: Gemstones radiate a life force of sacred energy to bring harmony, balance and transformation. The Exquisite Gemstone Facial harnesses the power of precious gemstones to restore the mind and body and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it visibly lifted, revitalized and luminous. This luxurious skin therapy activates radiance from within using microcrystal exfoliation, multiple masks and custom tailored serums.
  2. Himalayan Salt Stone Massage: From the Primal Sea, where all life originated, Himalayan salt replenishes your skin and body with 84 naturally occurring minerals. This full-body massage combines warm salt stones and soothing techniques to help melt away tension and restore overall wellness.
  3. The Polynesian Noni Manicure/Pedicure: This decadent treatment starts with a warm herbal salt bath followed by powerful exfoliation, using a self-moisturizing formula to leave your skin not only smooth, but completely hydrated. Noni Skin Elixir, a lightweight, oil-free gel combines the antioxidant power of pure Noni juice with pure Aloe Vera gel to give the skin excellent tone and a fresh glow. To seal the Noni Elixir, warm coconut milk is massaged into the skin leaving you deeply moisturized and incredibly smooth. This decadent treatment comes to completion with a classic Shellac color of choice.

No matter where you are in your wellness journey, we will meet you right where you are. See you in the Pronghorn Wellness Tribe for National Wellness Month and in the Spa at Pronghorn for your next appointment with self-care.