Pronghorn Executive Chef Kevin Linde is Bend, Oregon’s Bite of Bend Top Chef.

We’re thrilled to announce that after cooking their hearts out for two days, Chef Linde and sous chef Brandon Shotwell took home the coveted Bite of Bend Top Chef trophy Sunday night! Through three rounds, three secret ingredients and six dishes, the team impressed both judges and crowds from the Top Chef stage in downtown Bend with, among other things, a tank of liquid nitrogen, and some seriously beautiful plates created in a kitchen built on the street.

Come try Chef Linde’s winning dishes! In celebration, he will be rotating the six winning dishes this Thursday, June 24 through Sunday, June 27 in Chanterelle. You’re invited to make a reservation and celebrate with us!

Bite of Bend Top Chef Winners
Chef Kevin Linde and Sous Chef Brandon Shotwell take home the Bite of Bend Top Chef prize after cooking on the street for two days, a trophy hand forged by local blacksmith Orion Forge.

There were challenges, like windy weather blowing out burners and a down generator that cost competing chefs the use of ovens and flattops in the semi-finals and finals. But the meticulously planned Chef Linde, who showed up with a truck full of allowable supplies and equipment, kept his cool despite it all. Fairly certain the “duck gods” were with him during the semis when the Peking Duck secret ingredient was announced, he looked at his inoperable oven, and then at the fryer he brought. Fried duck legs ruled that dish!

Bite of Bend Top Chef Kitchen
The Bite of Bend Top Chef kitchen and pantry, on stage on Oregon Avenue in downtown Bend

Chef Kevin Linde and Sous Chef Brandon Shotwell’s Top Chef Winning Menu

To celebrate, Chef Linde will be serving a rotation of his winning dishes in Chanterelle this Thursday through Sunday. You’re invited to come taste his Top Chef dishes with the beautiful backdrop of Pronghorn Resort.

Round 1

Secret Ingredient: Whole Fresh Trout

Competitor: Bethlyn’s Global Fusion

Winning Dishes:

Entrée, Handmade Pasta with basil-tarragon-sorrel pesto and Seared Trout

Dessert, Chocolate Cake with liquid nitrogen berries and chocolate covered popcorn

Liquid Nitrogen Factor: Off the charts! The liquid nitrogen made its first appearance in Kitchen Stadium and “adult Pop Rocks” was the phrase of the day.

Bite of Bend Top Chef Kevin Linde

Round 2

Secret Ingredient: Whole Peking Duck

Competitor: Blackened Dragon

Winning Dishes:

Entrée, Peking Duck Two Ways, seared duck breast and fried duck leg, served with curry lentils

Dessert, Apple Brown Betty with liquid nitrogen ice cream

Liquid Nitrogen Factor: The frosted pitcher was out once again, and Brandon stood in front of a smoking mixer whipping up homemade ice cream in minutes. That gallon of gelato in the Top Chef freezer? Not necessary for these two.

Bite of Bend Top Chef Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Round 3

Secret Ingredient: Lummi Island Smoked Ikura

Competitor: Currents at the Riverhouse

Winning Dishes:

Entrée, Handmade Ravioli stuffed with Smoked Ikura, mascarpone and parmesan cheeses, served with fresh seared salmon

Dessert, Churros with iSi berries (CO2 infused), strawberry compote and “fried” whipped crème.


Liquid Nitrogen Factor: This Instagram video pretty much says it all. Plus, the “fried” whipped crème. You’ll have to dine with us in Chanterelle Thursday, June 24 through Sunday, June 27 to taste for yourself!


About two months ago, we began sharing behind the scenes from Pronghorn Executive Chef Kevin Linde on social media. #CookwithKevin has followed Chef Linde from farm to kitchen as we’ve learned more about his philosophies of food and taste. He’s taken us to Windflower Farm to meet the Central Oregon farmer he works with, Gigi Meyer. He taught us about the Chinese broccoli she picked for him and the heritage pig he plans to use in a September dinner with the farm. Through it all we’ve learned that Chef Linde cares deeply about where his food comes from, and the relationships he builds with the people who grow and raise it.

Little did we know that a few weeks later, #CookWithKevin would be announcing Chef Linde as Bend, Oregon’s Top Chef! Congratulations Kevin and Brandon! We can’t wait to see where they go next.