You may have heard, the Event Island at Pronghorn Resort has a new resident: a pair of trumpeter swans. The swans, one female and one male, moved into their new home at Pronghorn Resort in December. We’re not sure if it’s the peaceful environment or sweeping mountain views, but the pair settled in immediately and took to each other right away. A budding romance has blossomed this winter. Guests can see the happy couple from the Clubhouse, Huntington Lodge and surrounding golf course. As they glide around the Event Island, baby water fowl following in tow, you can imagine how romantic the scene will become once the summer wedding season begins.

Some may call it an arranged marriage, but we call it love. These elegant white water birds are monogamous and if all goes as planned, will mate for life. The 4-year-old male from Pennsylvania and the 3-year-old female from Indiana were purchased by The Trumpeter Swan Society and brought to Pronghorn to hopefully mate and produce cygnets. The hope is that they will mate this spring, sometime between March and May, and produce offspring for Oregon’s trumpeter swan breeding project. The ongoing program aims to increase the population of the species after being hunted to near-extinction. Pronghorn Resort is thrilled to be involved in this conservation effort.

As their courtship and love story continues, we need your help in selecting names for these beautiful water birds.

Help Us Name the Pronghorn Swans – Enter To Win In Our Swan Naming Giveaway!

To celebrate the swans and their budding romance, now through April 5, 2019 we are inviting you to submit two name suggestions, one for the male and one for the female. Your suggestions will enter you to win a romantic courtship opportunity of your own! On April 9, 2019 we will announce the chosen names and one lucky winner will receive a $100 dining credit to Pronghorn Resort. Enjoy a romantic dinner at our exquisite restaurant after watching the newly named swans from a sunset-view-filled perch on the Event Island.

If that doesn’t spell L-O-V-E, we don’t know what does.

On top of the romance-filled experience at Pronghorn Resort, the winner will assume bragging rights for naming Central Oregon’s most graceful and soon-to-be famous couple. Join us in celebrating the happy couple and help us choose the perfect names for him and her!

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