Reflection. Self-care. Community.

These are some of the reasons why yoga and wellness professionals plan and host wellness retreats. 

The concept is simple: Escape to a serene location with a small group of like-minded people in search of inner peace and reflection. 

Sounds divine, right? The reality is though, it comes with enough planning, partnerships and promotion that can make even the most centered wellness professional want to pull their hair out.

With a few thoughtful steps and the help of your venue’s wellness coordinator, you can ease the stress that comes with the most difficult parts of the process.

1.Define your why.

This step is so important, and something only you can answer. What is the purpose of your event? Education? Self-care? Community? Before you get down to planning the ins and outs of your wellness retreat, be sure you have your why clearly defined. We recommend sitting down and writing a mission statement or intention for your retreat. This will help you get clarity as you plan. Your intention will be the thread through every aspect of your retreat and will also help you promote your event with clarity and purpose.

2. Decide on critical details: location, date and partners.

Now that your purpose is defined, it’s time to start looking at venues, potential dates and any partners you’d like to include in your wellness retreat. 

First, let’s talk about your venue. You will likely be looking for a location that is peaceful and feels removed from the busy day-to-day events of the world. You’ll also want to be sure your venue is easy for your guests to travel to. Pronghorn Resort’s high desert location makes it an ideal location for a wellness retreat. The resort is located just 20 minutes from downtown Bend, Oregon and the nearest airport. It also feels quite remote here, as the resort is located at the end of a 4-mile road that winds through a 1,000 year old juniper forest. Here, your group will truly feel like they are a world away.

When you are looking at venues, also be sure to learn about menu options, spa availability and outdoor venue availability. Pronghorn Resort’s wellness programs extend to our restaurants and spa. You will also have access to the Wellness Tepee, where unique options for healing and spiritual experiences are plenty. Whether your group is enjoying a healthy breakfast or an afternoon picnic at our magical cave, we will make your vision for wellness come to life!

Next, you need to pick a date.

Your date may depend primarily on the season and/or venue availability. Keep in mind weather, travel and if you’d like to incorporate the outdoors in your wellness programming. 

Then, start reaching out to partners.

If you will be partnering with yoga instructors or other wellness professionals, you will want to reach out to them early. Once booked, be sure to ask them to help you promote your retreat through their networks.

3. Connect with your venue’s wellness coordinator to help you design the program.

Often, large resorts have a comprehensive wellness program. This will make your life so much easier! Resorts’ local connections and access to wellness professionals is something you should definitely think about taking advantage of. Here at Pronghorn Resort, we have well-established relationships with some of the best in the wellness industry in Central Oregon. In fact, Business Insider recently recommended Pronghorn Resort because our thorough wellness programs successfully mix mindfulness, meditation, and massages:

“Aiming to entice a diverse group of holistic enthusiasts, Pronghorn offers a variety of ways to spiritually heal through DIY Sage Workshops, Vin/Yin Yoga Classes, Clinical Herbal Tastings, Mindfulness and Crystal Guidance Workshops, Creative Dream Weaving Workshops, Crystal Sound Meditation, and more in its wellness teepee. Spa Manager Kristina Russ oversees a program of healers who offer different avenues of healing from within an authentic teepee tucked away near the golf course. Great for small groups, spiritual experiences within the space include sound baths, meditation, and traditional Chinese medicine techniques.”

If you would like to discuss the possibilities with our network of wellness providers, just ask! We will be happy to help you create a turn-key wellness retreat with less planning, and more reflecting and perfecting.

4. Promote your retreat!

Now comes the important part—attracting your guests! This stage might seem like the most daunting, but since you’ve done the heavy lifting early on in creating a spectacular wellness retreat, this part can really be a lot of fun.

  • Give it a name.
  • Create your promotional materials.
  • Invite your network.
  • Reach out to influencers.
  • Think about welcome gifts, take-home treats and program supplies.
  • Organize a welcome cocktail or mocktail party, a few spa treatments, a healthy hosted dinner or cooking class, and a high desert hike.

5. Enjoy your retreat and remember to live in the moment with your attendees.

This part is our favorite! We think it will be yours too.

If you are interested in planning and hosting a wellness retreat at Pronghorn Resort, please contact us to discuss the options! We are here to help you every step of the way.