How To Plan a Digital Detox Getaway

With unlimited access to cell phones and the Internet, it’s important to take a digital detox from time to time. Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Oregon is the perfect place to do it. Our serene high desert location allows you to truly get away from it all, and focus on the natural beauty, comforting accommodations, wellness opportunities and fresh air.

Whether it’s a getaway in the freshness of the new year or a serene mid-summer stay, we will help you take a break from your digital life and dig into real life. We host wellness retreats throughout the year that focus on holistic health. With workshops such as tepee sound meditation, full moon yoga, crystal healing and new year resolutions boards, these opportunities are perfect to include in a digital detox.

Pro Tip: “National Day of Unplugging” is March 1st. This time of year is also the perfect excuse to ditch your phone and enjoy the world around you.

Research shows, at the end of a digital detox, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Research has also found that nearly half of all Americans say they “can’t live without their phone.” 

Which means… a digital detox is easier said than done.

Set yourself up for success by taking a few simple steps before you begin your digital detox getaway. We are happy to help assist you and make your digital detox at Pronghorn Resort successful!

How to take a digital detox getaway:

  1. Block the time on your calendar for a digital detox getaway.
  2. Choose a peaceful resort setting and brainstorm ways to spend your time while you are there.
  3. Let friends, family and coworkers know when and how you will be unplugging.
  4. Pack a journal, books, art materials, a camera (not a phone camera), and other supplies to tap into your creative spirit.
  5. Take care of all necessary digital tasks before you leave.
  6. Turn off your phone alarm and all push notifications.
  7. When you are unpacking at your destination, set up your charging station in the bathroom, or another area that is away from the bed.
  8. Leave your phone in your room when you leave for activities and excursions.
  9. Allow yourself to check your phone two times each day for emergency text messages or voicemails, but don’t log onto social media or email.
  10. Give yourself daily rewards for reaching your tech-free goals! We suggest a massage or facial in The Spa.

So what are you waiting for? Unplug and recharge with a cozy getaway and digital detox at Pronghorn Resort! The serenity of Pronghorn allows you to get away from it all, and choose real time over screen time.