come back to me.

This is the first line of Pronghorn Resort’s new narrative. It is a calling to those who know this place, as well as to those who have yet to discover us. It is a calling to the adventure, the journey, and the memories that are waiting here for you at Pronghorn Resort.

Whether you are a homeowner and member, a guest of the resort, or family and friends of those who have made a life here on the high desert, that winding 4-mile road through the juniper forest will always take you back to a time and place that is full of wonder.

Return to the laughter-filled golf rounds and 18th holes with your best buddies. 

Return to the family vacation where you traded screens for real-time moments of connection. 

Return to the holiday dinner when all of the kids and grandkids were finally in one place. 

Return to the romantic weekend getaway that led to the most important question of your life, “Will you marry me?”

Everything you need is already here. Right here at Pronghorn Resort. We invite you to watch the premiere of “A New Place to Call Home” and browse our refreshed website to discover stunning new photography that we have sprinkled throughout the site.