3 Tips When Prepping for U.S. Open Qualifiers

On May 10, more than 100 players will join us at Pronghorn Resort on our Jack Nicklaus Signature Course for Oregon’s only U.S. Open Local Qualifier, one of only two in the Pacific Northwest. Pronghorn Director of Golf Jerrel Grow, will be one of them. We’re taking a look at Jerrel’s behind the scenes as he prepares to compete, and you can too. Just follow #JerrelsJourney on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see what he’s up to and where he’s drinking his yerba maté tea. (Get to know Jerrel and you’ll learn that his tea is never far from sight.)

Jerrel believes that the future of the game depends on helping people enjoy it more. You can see that in his teaching, and also, his own practice. Visit Pronghorn Resort and treat yourself to a private lesson with Jerrel, an experience any level of golfer would benefit from. And join us at Pronghorn on May 10 for the U.S. Open Qualifier to cheer him on. The first tee time is at 8am. The event is open to the public and free to spectate.

Jerrel’s 3 Tips to Prep for U.S. Open Qualifying


Do Your Research (and have fun with it)
It’s important to know exactly who you’re playing with. That’s why Jerrel likes to interview his putters. Some questions you might want to consider asking:

When was the last time you had regular work?
When was your last 3 putt?
Have you ever been chucked?
Tell me about your lag skills.
Is this your original shaft?
How well do you think you perform under pressure?
(Jerrel’s list of questions, see for yourself on Instagram.)


Get Fitted
To play your best golf, properly fitted equipment is paramount. Jerrel had the special treat of traveling to Ft. Worth last week to visit The Oven, Nike Golf’s research and development center. The Oven, aptly named, is the place where Nike Golf cooks up new ideas and state-of-the-art designs for some of the world’s top athletes. Jerrel was fitted for new woods, wedges and putters in the slick facility, an extensive process that is really, to say the very least, a special treat.

The Oven Nike Golf Research and Development

Although it’s an incredible experience any golfer would jump at, you don’t have to travel all the way to The Oven to dial in your game needs. Pronghorn and Pronghorn Academy has fitting professionals and the tools on site to get you fitted for a better game and all-around experience on the course.

Hit the Gym and the Bunkers
Working on your golf game takes time on the course and time in the gym. Staying strong and fit can really improve your performance on the course. Cardio and strength training are both important. Jerrel gets cardio in on the stationary bike. He also works on his core strength to help improve his drive. Try adding Med-Ball Perpendicular Throws to your routine (see how-to via GolfDigest.)

If the thought of bunker play fills your mind with fear, it’s important to practice. This is one of the least practiced skills for amateur golfers and one of the areas where the average golfer can save a ton of strokes. Challenge yourself to hit 100 bunker balls per session. The short game practice area at Pronghorn is the perfect place to park it, preferably when the Central Oregon sun is shining.


Interested in learning more about how to improve your game? Take a look at our Stay and Learn package that includes lodging, unlimited golf on our Jack Nicklaus Signature Course and 2 hours of instruction at Pronghorn Academy.