summer wedding cocktail trends

Today’s wedding couples are carefully curating amazing libations for their special day. And for good reason. Your cocktail selection is a chance to show your personal taste in a refreshingly fun way. Local spirits, classic recipes, and a bit of garden chic are all coming together for this year’s wedding cocktail trends at Pronghorn Resort in beautiful Bend, Oregon. What you serve your guests sets the tone for your reception, and it can be cleverly connected to your overall themes and decor. Raise a glass, take a sip, and make sure your wedding cocktails are as special as your love.

cheers to wedding cocktails! we say, the more the merrier.

In the garden and gorgeous.

More couples are choosing to add beautiful edible components to their wedding reception food and also their libations. A pretty petal or herb sprig adds just the right note of natural charm to a drink. And it makes the glass look simply beautiful. This is an affordable way to turn your wedding cocktail into a work of art! The culinary team at Pronghorn Resort works with a local farm, Windflower Farm, that produces gorgeous edible flowers for many of our farm-to-table dishes. We’d be happy to create a beautiful floral adornment for your wedding cocktails as well!day. Our expert bar team will make your libations beautiful, delicious and unique to you.

Mobile bars are vintage and full of fun.

Add a fun, vintage element to your outdoor wedding reception with a mobile cocktail bar. These backyard bars are all the rage in the outdoor, craft beer mecca of Bend, and Pronghorn has one of its own. We’ll park the Pronghorn VW Bus in a convenient outdoor location adjacent to your reception. Guests can walk right up to the bustling, bright bar, order a drink from one of our happy bartenders, and move right back to the lawn for the important stuff—the party.

Bride and Groom Toasting at Pronghorn Resort in Bend OR

Fill your bar with local.

Small-batch, local distillers are trending in Bend, Oregon. And for good reason. The unique flavors and hand-crafted techniques will make your wedding cocktail menu memorable. When you visit Pronghorn Resort for your wedding site visit, we recommend you take a distillery tour or two as well. Crater Lake Spirits, Oregon Spirit Distillers and Cascade Alchemy are a few of our favorite distilleries in the area. Give your guests a true taste of the region and choose local spirits.

Offer a delightful mocktail. 

High-end mocktails are becoming more and more popular at bars throughout the Pacific Northwest. Mocktails are a great way for pregnant women, designated drivers, underage guests, or those who simply prefer not to drink to feel like they are a part of the celebration. Wedding coordinators suggest removing the stigma and call it a “sans spirits” or “zero proof” or “refresher.” Whatever you name it, your guests will feel special and supported in their decisions.

Go chic and classic. 

Many of our wedding couples are choosing to serve the classic drinks reminiscent of their parents’ and grandparents’ day. Go back to the 1950s, 60s and 70s with gimlets, manhattans and San Pellegrino cocktails. Crisp, refreshing, and classically elegant always holds a seat at the table.

Rosé all wedding day. 

Rosé continues to trend at summer weddings at Pronghorn Resort. The always refreshing rosé wine is approachable and pleasing to so many tastes. It is beautiful to look at and can be used in cocktails or enjoyed on its own by the glass. There are several Oregon wineries that produce incredible rosé wines. Create a rosé slushy or “Frosé” with champagne and crushed ice. (You can also order one at the pool.) Or add Cointreau to your favorite rosé for a festive cocktail. The best rule of thumb is to choose a young rosé so the scent and flavor will stand out in the cocktail. Pronghorn Resort Food and Beverage Manager Sarah Desgrez recommends Flâneur 2015 Rosé of Pinot Noir for the perfect rosé cocktail.

The booch is still the best.

Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent sweet tea that is still very popular for both for its taste and health benefits. It is also decidedly Bend. Fitting for an afternoon refresher, kombucha mixes beautifully with many spirits. Bend, Oregon’s Humm Kombucha is a perfect choice. Try Pomegranate Lemonade with vodka or gin, Coconut Lime with tequila, or Hopped Grapefruit with rum. Refreshing, delicious, and when paired with Crater Lake Spirits, Oregon Spirit Distillers or Cascade Alchemy, a local cocktail showcasing the best of Bend, Oregon. Taste test the possibilities at The Coyote in the Huntington Lodge.

Open the bar early! Now that’s a no-brainer. 

Wedding planners are suggesting a pre-ceremony drink for guests. During those awkward, milling about moments before taking their seats, your guests will appreciate a crisp glass of champagne or light and fresh spritz. It will give them something to do and set the tone for the many happy moments ahead. The key here is to limit access. Because the real party shouldn’t start until after you say “I Do.”

Let Pronghorn Resort help you create the perfect cocktail menu for your special Our expert bar team will make your libations beautiful, delicious and unique to you.

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Photo credits: Locally sourced sign, Photo by Gabriela Ines Photography.