The Pronghorn Burger is the Best Burger in Bend, Oregon.

Here’s why Pronghorn Resort has Bend’s best burger:

Oregon Valley All Natural Grass-Fed Beef

Chef Linde uses the best beef to create the patty. All-natural, grass-fed beef from Oregon Valley Farm is the secret. The locally raised beef from a beautiful farm in the Willamette Valley is grass-fed and finished, as well as antibiotic- and hormone-free. This top quality meat results in a patty that is incredibly juicy, flavorful and exactly how a burger should taste—delicious.

Tillamook Smoked Cheddar Cheese

For those who like cheese on their burger, Chef Linde’s secret is the smoked cheddar cheese from Tilamook. It melts perfectly into the burger patty and has just the slightest smoke. Aged over 60 days at the Tillamook factory on the Oregon Coast, this cheese is a flagship of Oregon’s local dairy products.

Daily’s Peppered Bacon

Many guests say the peppered bacon is what takes this burger to the next level. And we have to agree. Daily’s Peppered Bacon is a premium bacon that’s smoked the right way—with natural hardwoods. This center cut bacon is lean and full of flavor. The two criss-cross strips of perfect bacon is one reason why you’ll never forget this burger!

Chef’s Secret Sauce

We can’t tell you the secret behind Chef Linde’s sauce. But we can tell you it’s phenomenal and the perfect accompaniment to the juicy beef, creamy cheese and peppery bacon.

Come try it for yourself! The Pronghorn Burger is served every Thursday night with a beer for just 14.00! Join us for Burger and Beer Night in Cascada this fall and winter and enjoy Bend’s best burger at Pronghorn Resort.