Today’s corporate retreat planners are looking for unique, fully customizable experiences that build morale in engaging and memorable ways. Why? High-performing teams require good communication, trust and compassion. These aren’t qualities you’ll build in the boardroom. The good stuff usually happens outside of the traditional work environment, where a team’s skill and comfort are tested in new challenges and experiences.

We have noticed two new trends in corporate retreats at Pronghorn Resort, and they have been so successful we thought we’d share them with you! These corporate retreat ideas are on two different ends of the team-building spectrum. 

One is a fun, active and sports-centered challenge. 

The other is an introspective refresh for the mind, body and spirit. 

Depending on the personalities and goals of your corporate group, one of these trends are sure to be the perfect fit for your next corporate retreat. 

Pro Tip: The greatest corporate retreats are created with the perfect mix of work and play! 

Trend #1: Adventure Team Building

Adventure team building is a huge trend in corporate retreats. From white water rafting to rope courses and rock climbing, the benefits of true team building via outdoor adventure are phenomenal. With an expertly planned adventure team-building experience, corporate groups see growth in communication, collaboration and motivation. Plus, a whole lot of fun and the best breakroom stories.

Featured: Archery Tag on Pronghorn’s Event Island

We’ve seen a lot of unique corporate retreats here at Pronghorn Resort, but Archery Tag on the Event Island stands out as one of the most memorable and fun. Global Sessions, an adventure team-building company located in Hood River, Oregon, planned this unique activity.

Archery Tag. This activity is guaranteed to bring out the inner child and competitive spirit in anyone who plays. For company groups, there’s really nothing better than taking aim and firing at your coworkers while they take shelter behind inflatable bunkers. Imagine the fun! In this unique tournament-style activity, everyone in the group is at the same level. There are no experts in Archery Tag, and it doesn’t require much athleticism, so it’s perfect for any group. Once the first bow is drawn, all that matters is having good aim and a smart strategy. 

If you’re looking for an adventure team building activity that isn’t too extreme and is close to your group’s lodging and business facilities, Archery Tag at Pronghorn Resort is a great choice!

Game on! Let’s build the team and have some F-U-N.


The Event Island was an epic location for this corporate retreat adventure!

Thanks to Global Sessions for all Archery Tag Photos

Trend #2: Wellness Retreats

Wellness in the workplace has become a big trend, and for good reason. When your employees take care of their mind, body and spirit, their creativity, productivity and happiness increases. One way to combat fatigue in the workplace is to offer lunchtime yoga, healthy meal options, discounted gym memberships and meditation programs. Another way to build overall health and wellbeing in the corporate workplace is through a wellness retreat. A few days, together as a team, exploring the benefits of holistic health can be incredibly valuable to the longevity of your team.

Featured: Tepee Sound Meditation at Pronghorn

The Wellness Tepee at Pronghorn Resort is one venue where small, intimate teams can gather to explore the benefits of mindfulness. Surrounded by 640 acres amidst Central Oregon’s 1,000-year-old juniper forest, the Wellness Tepee is a peaceful, serene venue for many types of wellness activities.

One of our favorite programs in the Wellness Tepee is a Sound Meditation. Meditation is a huge trend in the corporate world, and for all the right reasons. A meditation practice is a powerful addition to your daily routine and in fact, many large corporations offer workplace mediation clinics and spaces.

During this wellness workshop at Pronghorn Resort, your employees will engage in ancient sounds to be grounded in peace and presence. Sound is a powerful hook into the transformative power of meditation, so this program is appropriate for beginners. Your corporate group will learn techniques to take home with them, as well as evidence as to why a meditation practice can increase productivity and improve overall health.

Sage bundling workshops, yoga classes and crystal healing are also offered in the Wellness Tepee.

No matter the needs of your employees and the goals of your team-building activities, at Pronghorn Resort, your corporate group will enjoy a productive and entertaining business retreat. You will find the best service and technology, plus outstanding indoor and outdoor group activities. For successful corporate meetings, fun activities and luxurious lodging, choose the Central Oregon high desert oasis of Pronghorn Resort.

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