You’ve likely heard of donut-beer pairings. We’re in Oregon after all, where craft beer flows like water and donut shops tend to take on cult status. Voodoo Donuts in Portland is one such shop and their collaboration with Rogue Ales, the “Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale” is nothing short of epic. This ideal combination got us thinking, not surprisingly, about golf. If the donut-beer is a thing, could there also be a perfect match between donut and golf hole?

Donut Golf Hole Pairings

In honor of National Donut Day we asked Pronghorn Director of Golf Jerrel Grow to pair 4 donuts with 4 holes on our Jack Nicklaus Signature Course. Jerrel is known for his love of donuts (he even eats them before a tournament). So of course, he took this task very seriously.

Donuts and golf

So here are the ultimate matches between donut and golf hole. We challenge you to test our suggestions the next time you play Nicklaus. You can find all of these fine flavors at The Dough Nut right here in Bend, Oregon. They have two locations and make everything from scratch, even their vegan and gluten-free options.

Cinnamon Twist with #15 Nicklaus

Knobs and outcroppings are prevalent on this long Par 5 hole, giving it a narrow, serpentine fairway that if you think about it, very closely resembles a cinnamon twist. The prize when you finally get to the end? A stunning view of the Three Sisters, similar to the crusty, sugary final bite of the cinnamon twist.

Donut Golf Pairings

Raspberry Filled with #11 Nicklaus

The best way to describe Nicklaus #11? A bunker-filled center. Much like the raspberry filled donut, this hole has been masterfully landscaped to create a deep, pillow-y center. Only difference between the two “bunkers?” There’s just one you can’t wait to sink your teeth into.

Donut Golf Pairings

Boston Crème Pie with #1 Nicklaus

Nicklaus #1, dare we say it’s easy as pie? If we had to choose an “easy” hole on our Jack Nicklaus Signature Course, #1 would be the one. Drive towards the right hand bunker to give yourself a good line to the green. The donut? Well, you know what to do. Eat it.

Donut Golf Hole Pairings

Maple Hog with #18 Nicklaus

A hog is heavy and so is this donut. Drizzled with maple frosting and topped with two strips of bacon, you could say it’s a heavy hitter. This hole? It too requires a heavy hit, long and hard. When you’re all done? You’ll either want a beer (if you just finished 18) or a nap (if you just finished the maple hog).

Donut Hole Pairings


What’s your favorite donut and where would you pair it on our Jack Nicklaus Signature Course? Share with us on social media! Give us a shout on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Donut photos: The Dough Nut