When planning your dream wedding at Pronghorn Resort, remember that the cocktail menu is central to your celebration. Today’s couples are carefully curating wedding cocktails that best represent their personal tastes and the locale of their wedding. Local spirits, classic recipes, and a little bit of vintage chic are all coming together for this year’s wedding cocktail trends at Pronghorn Resort in beautiful Bend, Oregon. What you drink with your first cheers as Mr. and Mrs. sets the tone for your reception, so be sure your cocktail reflects your surroundings and your unique style as a couple. Here are the wedding cocktail trends we are seeing this summer at Pronghorn Resort.

Chic and classic

Many of our wedding couples are choosing to serve the classic drinks of their parents’ day. Go back to the 1960s and 1970s with gimlets, manhattans and San Pellegrino cocktails. Crisp, refreshing, and classically elegant always holds a seat at the table.

Wedding Cocktail Trends

Classic and refreshing wins the wedding day. Image courtesy of Ely Roberts Photography.

Rosé all the way

Rosé is trending at summer weddings at Pronghorn Resort. The always refreshing rosé wine is approachable and pleasing to so many tastes. It is beautiful to look at and can be used in cocktails or enjoyed on its own by the glass. There are several Oregon wineries that produce incredible rosé wines. Create a rosé slushy or “Frosé” with champagne and crushed ice. (You can also order one at the pool.) Or add Cointreau to your favorite rosé for a festive cocktail. The best rule of thumb is to choose a young rosé so the scent and flavor will stand out in the cocktail. Pronghorn Resort Food and Beverage Manager Sarah Desgrez recommends Flâneur 2015 Rosé of Pinot Noir for the perfect rosé cocktail.

Wedding Cocktail Trends

Create a rosé slushy or “Frosé” with champagne and crushed ice! A festive and beautiful wedding cocktail trend. Photo courtesy of stock.adobe.com.

Mobile bars

A mobile cocktail bar is the perfect way to add a fun and elegant element to your outdoor wedding cocktail menu. These backyard bars add a unique element to an outdoor wedding on the event lawn at Pronghorn Resort. The Bend Beerstream is a converted 1967 Airstream Overlande. This mobile wedding bar is trendy, shiny and chic. It also has plenty of room for a few kegs of your favorite Bend craft beer. Don’t be misled by the name however. The Bend Beerstream can serve up any cocktail you wish. Another option raising the bar on outdoor cocktail service in Bend, Oregon is the Ritzy Rig. Elegant and vintage, your guests will love the libations that are served from this local mobile bar.

Wedding Cocktail Trends

Does it get more Bend than the Bend Beerstream? We think not. Elegant outdoor mobile bars are trending at Pronghorn Resort. Image courtesy of Ely Roberts and the Bend Beerstream.

Wedding Cocktail Trends

Ritzy Rig will pull up to your wedding with glasses full of vintage style and chic trailer charm. Image courtesy of The Swig Rig.

Kombucha love

Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent sweet tea that has gained in popularity both for its taste and health benefits. Fitting for an afternoon refresher, kombucha also mixes beautifully with many spirits. Bend, Oregon’s Humm Kombucha is a perfect choice for the health-conscious couple. Try Pomegranate Lemonade with vodka or gin, Coconut Lime with tequila, or Hopped Grapefruit with rum. Refreshing, delicious, and when paired with Crater Lake Spirits, Oregon Spirit Distillers or Cascade Alchemy, a local cocktail showcasing the best of Bend, Oregon! Get more summer kombucha cocktail recipes.


Humm Kombucha cocktails are so tasty and local to Bend, Oregon. The health benefits are a bonus! Image courtesy of Humm Kombucha.

Go local with your spirits

Small-batch, local distillers are trending in Bend, Oregon. And for good reason. The unique flavors and hand-crafted techniques will make your wedding cocktail menu memorable. When you visit Pronghorn Resort for your wedding site visit, we recommend you take a distillery tour or two as well. Crater Lake Spirits, Oregon Spirit Distillers and Cascade Alchemy are a few of our favorite distilleries in the area. Give your guests a true taste of the region and choose local spirits.

Wedding Cocktail Trends

Bend, Oregon has a great selection of local distilleries to choose from. Give your guests a true taste of the region. Image by Gabriela Ines Photography.


Groom’s Drink, Bride’s Drink and a Couple’s Drink

New this year, we are seeing expanded cocktail menus. In addition to the traditional “Couple’s Drink” we are also seeing a Bride’s Drink and a Groom’s Drink. Grooms are leaning towards classic cocktails like the manhattan or a keg from their favorite Bend brewery. Brides are choosing fruity favorites with vodka best enjoyed on girls’ nights. And the drink that best represents most couples this summer? The martini.

Wedding Cocktail Trends

Choose a Groom’s Drink, Bride’s Drink and Couple’s Drink for the perfect cocktail presentation. Image by Gabriela Ines Photography.